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Dashboards : 1976 - 1988

New black dashboards for the Porsche 924 ( 1976 - 1988)  and the 944 ( 1982 - Feb. 1985 ) are available.

In every original style of the 9 different grains to match in a perfect way to your personal 924 / 944. 


The elements still needed of your old dash are, the glovebox, the metal frames and  the inlays /switches. 

For a small price, we can refurbished the box lid of your old dash too. 

If you dash isn't cracked very much, than we could use that as a basement for refurbishing. The advantage for you is the cheaper price and no handling with the metal elements. 

For a perfect new look we recommend the new construction dash.


All dashs available as "right hand drives / RHD" , too.

Our new dashs looking the same as the old original item, but the material is a much better quality, say "state of the art". The actually Volkswagen requierments in deterioration and colour fastness are considered here as our standard.



As a protection against UV light while parking, we offer a lovely cover with an arbitrary individual logo.  (no trademarks, licenced logos and scripts )  up to 42,35 Euro 

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